For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is different than it was 10 years ago and I’m not talking about huge medical advances that have been made. Patients are no longer opening up a tome from their insurance that lists all of their participating provider; instead, they’re getting referrals from friends and family, finding someone close by with Google Maps, perusing reviews on Yelp and Facebook. What this means for healthcare practitioners is that you have an advantage when it comes to marketing efforts. You can leverage a lot more strategies to get patients to choose your practice over the practice next door.

I’ve specially designed a consulting package for healthcare providers that takes into account the special regulations that don’t apply to other industries (think: HIPAA). Of course, I also provideĀ a la carte servicesĀ for those offices who need assistance with only one or two areas of their marketing strategies.

Take a look at my offerings for healthcare professionals and let’s discuss how I can help your practice!