The Consultant

Angeline Hi! My name is Angeline and I’ll be your consultant today!

I have been working as a freelancer since 2010 when I took on my first client, a physician, who needed assistance with managing his website. Since then I have helped multiple medical practices set up or redesign their websites.

In 2015, I decided to expand my service offerings to include marketing strategies and general consulting. I also began working with small businesses in addition to small to mid-sized medical practices.

Prior to (and concurrently with) my freelance work, I worked in various medical practices gaining experience with pediatric, urgent, primary and psychiatric care. Following my four-year stint in healthcare, I decided to change gears and joined a large consulting firm in their IT department. It was there that I learned about IT security and best business practices.

Today, I freelance full-time with a short list of hand-picked clients. My goal is for each of those clients to feel that their requests and questions are handled in a quick and satisfactory manner.

If you would like to discuss hiring me as your office’s consultant, I’d love to hear from you.